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Khiao - Beach Gaba brown rice powder - meal replacement - 2 x 225 g in a glass - vegan without gluten

Khiao - Beach Gaba brown rice powder - meal replacement - 2 x 225 g in a glass - vegan without gluten

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Start your diet straight away with Khiao Beach GABA rice drink with grains, meaning easy, vegan and quick weight loss. Environmentally conscious in a glass container. A dream comes true: all you need is a kettle and off you go. The stomach is saturated and the value replaces a kple. Have a good meal. But that's not enough. You also absorb valuable vitamins and minerals. Vegan, no carbohydrates, no dairy products and when you get a little hungry again, just pour on the nearest Khiao Beach hotpot.

Most diets start tomorrow, start today with Khiao Beach hotPot GABA rice with grains and experience success the very next day when the first unwanted kilo has disappeared.
How it works:
Khiao Beach Gaba rice with grains provides several important slimming and satiating substances.
Its ingredients bind fat and transport it through the digestive tract instead of feeding it to the cells.
The production of the fattening hormone cortisol is slowed down. This messenger substance can no longer constantly command the body to “store more fat reserves”. Its proteins prevent the loss of muscle mass and keep the metabolism active despite diet.
Khiao Beach hotPot helps save calories as it guarantees ample satiety time
SLIM plan
Very cozy and healthy: you replace your daily dinner with the Khiao Beach Gabare rice with grains . Pour 2 teaspoons into 150 to 200 ml of hot water. Combine the rice drink with your own flavors. Since the powder is very neutral, you can combine it with sweet or savory ingredients. The powder can also be mixed into your Christmas baking, into yogurt or into a milkshake. For colder days it goes perfectly with vegetable bouillon.
Many diet plans for losing weight with protein meals stipulate that at the beginning of a diet the food intake comes exclusively from shakes. However, this is by no means healthy and is unsatisfactory in the long run. Because this step requires too radical a change in diet, which many people quickly tend to give up on.
Khiao Beach Gabare rice with grains, on the other hand, offers a wide variety of flavors and can easily and quickly replace a meal (ideally lunch or evening)
Result: You use Khiao Beach Gabare rice with grains secret and reduce the calories in the main meals right from the start.
Breakfast stays under 200 calories, lunch stays under 360 calories and dinner belongs to Khiao Beach Gaba rice with grains .
Avoid snacks, apart from raw vegetables and fruit (fruit allowed until midday). This gives your body the opportunity to break down existing (fat) reserves.
Drink only calorie-free teas, mineral water and coffee. This way you can get through an entire dress size within a week without going hungry.
Tip: As a rule, replace a Khiao Beach Gaba rice with grain cup for a meal or when you get a little hungry.
However, a severely overweight person cannot manage with this amount.
Feel free to take the next cup to satisfy your hunger. We also recommend having a prepared container of raw food with you, so that little hunger doesn't stand a chance and you have a clear conscience.
Last but not least, good news from Thailand:
This product has received multiple awards and has passed all long-term studies. So we can confidently promise you that the famous JOJO Jojo effect does not occur.
Khiao Beach Gabare rice with grain is GMP certified and chosen as the OTOP product (OTOP products are promoted by the country because of their extraordinary effectiveness and tolerability) of the year 2019/2020.
[Source Wikipedia "One Tambon One Product (OTOP) The program aims to promote a unique product in each tambon (Thai administrative unit, i.e. "municipality") for marketing both throughout the country and internationally."]
Lose weight successfully, healthily and vegan with the world's first Khiao Beach Gaba rice with grains.
Packaging unit/contents:
Contents: 2 glasses with a net weight of 225 grams per glass


Put 2 teaspoons of powder in a cup and pour in 150 to 200 ml of hot water.
Mix with a fork or a milk frother until smooth. Let it steep for 5 to 10 minutes and enjoy.
Origin: Thailand
Side effects: appetite suppressant

Powder consisting of:

100% natural

58% jasmine rice

15% rice berries

15% brown Hom Nil rice

6% red jasmine rice

2% Tumbling Chum Phae Rice

1% sticky rice

1% mung bean seeds

1% black sesame seeds

1% Jerusalem artichoke

Germinated red Jasmine Rice 58%
Germinated Hom Nil Brown Rice 15%
Germinated Rice Berry 15%
Germinated Sangyod Brown Rice 2%
Germinated Jasmine Rice 6%
Germinated Sticky Rice 1%
Black Sesame seeds 1%
mung bean seed 1%
Powdered Jerusalem Artichoke 1%

GABA rice is 10x more rich than ordinary brown rice, gamma oryzanol, anthocyanin, protein and amino acid, omega 3,6,9 vitamin C, vitamin B complex, vitamin E, beta-carotene, 40 times calcium from black sesame and others plants, iron, zinc,
Protassium, copper, inulin fructooligosaccharides and good bacteria in Jerusalem artichoke

Nutritional values ​​per serving 2 heaped tablespoons approx. 22 gr.


    Energy 15 kcal

    Protein / proteins 18 g

    Fat 0g

    Carbohydrates 2g

    Fiber 2g

    Sugar 0.0g

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

Der Geschmack ist für mich sehr gut und neutral. Sehr cremig und vielseitig zu verwenden, würde ich jederzeit wieder kaufen. Der Preis ist ein bisschen hoch aber dafür ein echtes Qualitätsprodukt. Gerne wieder.

Antonio H.
Lo mejor para controlar el apetito

He tenido buen efecto desde los primeros días con la toma del saciante, sin duda es la mejor manera de controlar el apetito, de todo lo que he probado

Leichte Zubereitung

Man kann damit kalorienarmen Pudding machen, Suppen und Saucen eindicken oder einfach pur mit Wasser aufgiessen. Sehr lecker schemckt dieses Pulver auch mit Sojamilch. Die Mahlzeiten halten lange satt und versorgen den Körper mit wichtigen Nährstoffen.

Guter Mahlzeitersatz

Leichte Zubereitung, keine Klümpchen beim anrühren und langes Sättigungsgefühl. Vom Geschmack her neutral aber nicht mehlig. Ich ersetze meistens mein Abendessen mit den Beach Gaba Naturreis Pulver und bin satt bis zum Frühstück, super !!

Markus L.
Neutraler Geschmack, vielseitig verwendbar

Wenn es schnell gehen muss und ich keine Zeit habe etwas zu Essen zu zubereiten, giesse ich mir einfach eine Tasse vom Beach Gaba Naturreis auf. Das Pulver ist sehr geschmacksneutral, gerne esse ich es mit Zimt oder etwas Kakao oder auch mit Zitrone.