How can our capsules be packaged in such an environmentally conscious way?

Mentioned in advance. We could have saved a lot of packaging costs and time if we had done what millions of supplement manufacturers did. Import plastic containers from China.

Package supplements in plastic bottles and label them with individual plastic stickers. Cheap and easy.

Many people also advised us against our own approach to plastic-free packaging - too individual, there are no ready-made machines for it, you need more staff, far too manual, too much storage space for the different packaging.

But we still didn't want to accept that and decided on our folding boxes made of solid paper and pushed through. Made in Germany. The plastic cover must still be preserved.

The path wasn't easy at first, because as soon as a change to the packaging law was announced, we had to realize, shockingly, how much packaging had to be reworked.

We still managed it and reworked the filling machines with the help of suppliers. Our capsules are filled into the folding boxes. We are not spared from preparing the folding boxes by hand. But we're happy to accept that because we know that our use will result in a few fewer plastic bottles coming onto the market.

Thanks to you too.