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Bodyvita - Happy Energy Set - With Greenful Energy Capsules 30 pieces & Joyful Depression Capsules 2 x 30 pieces

Bodyvita - Happy Energy Set - With Greenful Energy Capsules 30 pieces & Joyful Depression Capsules 2 x 30 pieces

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Start the day cheerfully and energetically with our “Happy Energy” set, consisting of 60 Joyful capsules and 30 Greenful capsules. Combine our mood enhancer Joyful with the energy bomb Greenful.

Joyful capsules are filled with the best part of the Morinda citrifolia plant. The plant is known for its benefits. This is a purely herbal dietary supplement, therefore without any indication of a therapeutic indication. No additional fillers are included, filled in vegan rice flour capsules.


Morinda citrifolia Joyful. The plant is very well known in Asia for its benefits.

The glass is half full and not half empty. Let us face dark thoughts with the necessary positivity. To date, scientists have not been able to fully understand what goes wrong in the brains of people with a tendency to negative feelings. The imbalance of brain messenger substances such as serotonin and norepinephrine is the most suspected reason for the hopeless despair. These so-called mood hormones transmit information from one cell to another in the brain.

For us Europeans, the herbs are largely new; In Asia, these herbs have been used to lighten the mood, improve anxiety and stop depression for 5,000 years. Get involved with the herbs of Asia and let us know whether and how your condition improves. In Asia, this herb is also known as a marriage savior and is often administered when the marriage is already a few years old and everyday killers have crept in as love killers. In contrast to chemical antidepressants, it is said to increase sexual desire.

Further information
Packaging 60 capsules Joyful
dosage Take 2 capsules in the morning with plenty of water or increase the dose to 4 capsules if necessary. The dose can be reduced again if your mood allows it.
Origin Thailand
Side effects Not known. Please do not take during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

components Morinda citrifolia Joyful

Greenful (Camellia Sinensis) has an energizing effect, increases well-being, and combats stress and everyday aches and pains. It is said to have anti-inflammatory properties, it is said to intercept cell-damaging oxygen molecules that are produced when smoking, kill viruses and bacteria, and protect nerve cells from decay. We cannot and do not want to promise whether everything will actually happen. Our capsules are noticeably effective as energy sources and if there are so many positive side effects, we look forward to a healthy life.


Further information
Packaging 30 capsules Greenful
dosage Take 1 to 3 capsules in the morning with plenty of water. Do not take capsules at night as they have a stimulating effect.
Origin Thailand
Side effects not known
components 150 mg per vegan rice flour capsule: 100% pure Camellia Sinensis. We only use the leaf without Nerve and Stihl, so our capsules are of unparalleled quality.

Note for nutritional supplements

Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage.
Keep the product out of the reach of children. Dietary supplements are not intended to replace one
balanced and varied diet.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Pflanzliche Alternative ohne Nebenwirkungen

Endlich ist Schluss mit Antibiotika schlucken. Mein Körper war schon richtig geschwächt von dem Zeug, seit ich die Kräuter nehme habe ich das Problem nicht mehr.

Sonja H.

Joyful hat mir toll aus meinem Loch geholfen, hat zwar ein bisschen gedauert, aber bei pflanzlichen Sachen denk ich muss es sich erst mal im Körper ausbreiten. Durch Greenful habe ich mehr Energie, ich nehme die Kapseln aber nicht täglich, nur wenn ich mich etwas schlapp fühle.

Robert H.
Bodyvita - Happy Engergie Set

Ich fühlte mich in letzter Zeit tagsüber immer müde und schlapp und musste mich durch den Arbeitstag schleppen aber seit ich das Happy Energieset gefunden habe, fühle ich mich energiegeladen und kraftvoll. Der Alltag macht mir wieder Spaß und ich bin motivierter. Insbesondere ist auch die Libido stärker geworden.

Vuelvo a estar más alegre

3 semanas desde que tomo el Joyful y Greenful y me gusta, noto alivio, diferencia y mi estado de animo ha mejorado bastante.

Macht eine Gute Laune

Ich war Anfangs etwas skeptisch, aber bin doch froh, dass ich es bestellt habe. Hab Depressionen und nehme die Citalopram, aber ich wollte wieder weg von den Tabletten und bin dann im Internet auf eure Seite gestossen. Ich nehme die Tabletten jetzt seit vier Tagen und ma merkt schon eine leichte Veränderung innerlich, es kommt langsam wieder das positive zum Vorschein und wieder die Freude am Leben. Bin echt begeistert....