Wie entstehen Panikattacken?

How do panic attacks occur?

Panic attacks occur due to a combination of biological, psychological and environmental factors. Some of the known risk factors are:

  • Biological factors: certain genetic predispositions and chemical imbalances in the brain can contribute to a person being more prone to panic attacks.

  • Psychological factors: People with a history of anxiety disorders, trauma, stress and depression are at increased risk of panic attacks.

  • Environmental factors: certain life circumstances such as financial problems, job stress, or relationship problems can make someone more susceptible to panic attacks.

  • Panic attacks can also be triggered by certain medications, substance abuse, or medical conditions.

It is important to note that panic attacks are not always predictable and in some cases have no obvious cause. It can also be a combination of factors that lead to panic attacks. Treatment from a qualified therapist or doctor can help identify the exact triggers and find effective treatment.

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